Five Pillars Of Fitness

Yes, she does notice a man with strong arms & a six-pack & yes we’re all jealous of him. Most of us don’t want to sweat for hours & hours in the gym but who doesn’t want a set of steely arms & washboard abs. Millions pledge every day to lead a fitter, healthier life, to eat right & to exercise “regularly”. But most of us fail to keep on our fitness track. Read on for the simplest & the most important principles that will help you keep you fitness goals on track:

1. Set Yourself a goal: This is by far the most important aspect of any fitness program. Set a clear & specific goal.  Let’s say you want to lose fat. You have to decide specifically how much fat you want lose & give yourself a specific time frame to reach & track your progress. For instance set yourself a goal of losing 5 pounds of flab in 5 weeks. Then break it down into smaller weekly goals such as losing 1 pound per week.

2. Enjoy Training: The number one reason that people fall off their fitness routine is that they look at it as a cumbersome chore. The bestTraining-Partners way to keep your fitness plans on track is to choose an activity that you truly enjoy. You don’t have to be a gym rat to have physique you want. Do whatever tics you; be it weight training, cycling, swimming or running. If possible find yourself a training partner as well, that’ll bring in accountability & help keep you on track.

3. Consistency: That’s the principle of life; anything done consistently over time will yield results. Workout at least 4 days a week in order to get any tangible results. And again the way to stay consistent is to find an activity that you enjoy & then keep at it.

4. Eat Right: Remember this! A  PHYSIQUE IS MADE IN THE KITCHEN, NOT IN THE GYM. Downing a quarter-ponder after afood workout is not going to give you those steely pythons. Try to get 5 smaller meals rather than chugging down 2 or 3 huge meals. Focus on protein (beef & poultry), good fats (fish) & clean carbs (whole-wheat bread, oats & potatoes). Try & cut down on synthetic sugar & processed foods & drinks.

5. Proper Recovery: This is where you tie up you hard work. You muscles will grow while you recover. Try to get to at least 7 hours of sleep.


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