Nail That Interview!

So you got the “call”, good for you! But that’s only 10% of the equation as far as I’m concerned, the other 90% happens once you step through their door. I ain’t gonna tell you how many micro mili-seconds does it take to form the first impression. But you sure as hell can’t fix it if you make a mess of it, especially if it’s an interview. The trick here is to be understated yet to stand out, in fact scream that I’M THE ONE! For most positions (formal or creative), a suit is an accepted norm for the interview. Here’s a cheat sheet to absolutely nail it.

  1. Understand that looking good at an interview is DIFFERENT than looking good at a wedding. So give your glen plaid suit a break & stick with the navys & greys.
  2. Fit is EVERYTHING.  Nothing undermines your look more than ill-fitting clothes. If wallet permits, go for a bespoke suit; otherwise get some basic alterations done should you pick one off the rack; at the very least get the jacket tucked in around the waist & get the pants’ length proper (no more than half a break).
  3. Simplicity does not mean boring. Breathe some life into your neutral grey suit by pairing it with blue micro-check spread collar dress shirt & a dark woven tie instead of a ubiquitous white button-down.
  4. Make the details perfect to really nail your outfit. Opt for a pocket square (white would do) & instead of black lace-ups, opt for burgundy double monk straps.

Flip through for some ideas for the big day.


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