5 Myths About Muscle Gain

You stand up in front of a mirror, puff your chest out, flex your guns & all you see is skin on bones or maybe somebody called you “tumblina” or you girlfriend beat your ass in arm wrestling. Not a good feeling, huh? I know! When I started lifting, I was 108 lbs of skin & bone at 5 foot 8”. I almost threw up on my first day at the gym lifting weight-less rods. Now I stand at 155 lbs of leans muscle. Not bad huh? It felt impossible but I did it & so can you! I’ll be debunking 5 non-sensicle myths about muscle gain for skinny guys. People having hard time to gain are normally referred to as “ectomorphs” or “hard-gainers”.

          1. Hard-gainers cant gain muscle no matter what:

Absolute BS! The key here is to shock your body. When your start to lift it stretches the limits of body, it will break it down; in turn the body will adapt & strengthen itself for the following workout. Building up from absolute weakness would be difficult but not impossible, as long as you keep pushing. Your body is an incredibly adaptive organism. That’s why every time you lift; you have to challenge yourself to shock your muscles into another round of rebuilding.


2. No matter how much a hard-gainer eats he won’t put on mass:

You see what happens is, usually skinny guys tend to overestimate their calorie intake, then they incorrectly conclude that their low weight is because of high metabolism. If you’re one of these guys, test this. Try & remember what you normally consume in a typical day & put it through a calorie calculator (you’ll find plenty online). You would notice that you are actually eating a lot less than you originally thought you were.


3. He has to eat like a pig:

Unless you aspire to become this dude, for the love of sanity, do not do this. Instead of stuffing yourself with food, give yourself 5 evenly spaced meals. Aim for 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight. Keep a packet of un-salted nuts & couple of bananas at your desk for healthy snacking.

gym rat 3

4. He must be gym rat to gain:

Rubbish! You DO NOT need to workout more than 4 to 5 days a week. 1 body part each day & take the weekend off. Proper recovery is just as important as a bone crunching workout. Just make sure you put in your best in every single workout of yours & you’ll be on your way to those sleeve busting arms.

minor results

5. Results will be insignificant & very slow:

Well it’s not going to be walk in the park, I can tell you that! But new lifters can expect to see on average 2 to 2.5 lbs of mass gain per month. I gained about 9 lbs in the first 4 months. Now this may not seem very high on paper but made quite an impact visually. I gained about 1.5 inches on my arm & my waist stayed steady at 30. More importantly people started to take notice.


So here it is, man up, put on a good tune & get to work!


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