Linen: The Summer Essential

It’s a bazillion degrees outside. Crack a couple of eggs on the pavement & you’ll have perfectly cooked scrambled eggs. In a perfect world, I’d like to strut around in nothing but my boxers but society demands something more “human”  . Now this puts you in a pickle.

Let’s say your employer frets upon the idea of you strutting around the office floor in your jockeys or there’s a danger of the entire female population of your workplace going ballistic upon setting their eyes on your manly awesomeness. Then linen, my friend, is the answer to your jam. Now before you think “wrinkles”, let me tell you that the modern day linen suit is way more badass than you think. It’s breathable, & it keeps you looking good when the mercury is shooting through the roof. In fact, you shouldn’t fret about its wrinkly nature, it actually adds a bit of character to your outfit. Flip through to see why a linen suit is the best investment you can make for summers.


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