How To Rock An Off White Suit

Call it banana white, pale white or whatever pleases you. Wearing off-white is quite tricky. You get it wrong & you end up looking like a tacky extra form 80’s drug movie. So here’s a few handy tips on how to nail it:

  1. Make sure you use linen when getting yourself an off white suit. Any other fabric would make it shiny & even the slightest shine will take you straight to the 80’s. Not good. There’s ONLY one guy on GOD’s green earth who can carry a shiny banana white suit, & that’s Tony Montana from Scarface & he’s dead (the character, that is).
  2. Preferably, wear during the day & summers. And embrace the wrinkles! It’ll add even more character to the outfit.
  3. You Jacket will serve as great separate as well, wear it with a pair of slim chinos or dark blue denim & you won’t go wrong. And to really nail it, add these killer braided tango brown loafers.

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